Make a Joyful Noise

Adjusting after the holidays is no easy task for preschoolers who have been away from the classroom for two weeks. Students quickly got back into the routine of coming into the school each day with smiling faces. One special new addition to the our weekly activity this time of the school year is our music program. During the spring semester we have gifted and willing volunteers that come in weekly to teach our little ones about instruments and music. So far, Officer Holcomb gave our students lessons that got them moving and out of their seats to the sound of his trumpet. Our board member, John Malone engaged our preschoolers with a hands on look into the mechanics of the guitar.

We love that at an early age we can not only help our students brain development but they can begin to understand that they can grow spiritually through music as well. God gave us the gift of music to glorify Him and we want our students to know that now.

If you or someone you know would like to come in and share your talents with our possible  musicians , please use the contact information at the end of this newsletter to get started.

Research shows that there is a direct link to child brain development and music education. 


Medzerian, D. (2016, June 23). Children's brains develop faster with music training. USC News. Retrieved February 1, 2023, from 


Celebrating 100 days of school with 100 day old preschoolers. Foundations hallways were filled with older and wiser students that seemed to age overnight!  

Grow Where You Are Planted

Not only are our students growing taller and smarter but they are participating in growing their own classroom plants! Our scholars are enjoying the responsibility of caring and getting to witness God's creation and how He cares for us each and every day.

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

Genesis 1:29

Burn Out

Our parents had the opportunity to hear from Johnece Smith with Alabama Department of Mental Health. She shared a wealth of knowledge about burn out studies and the many faces of burn out. We know and understand the importance of being aware of your mental health especially as a parent of young children. The mental state of a child's caregiver has a great impact on relationship dynamic between the two.

Self Care

Ms. Smith provided great conversations surrounding the what families can do to prevent or lessen the effects of burnout. Our parents were given tools such as how to set boundaries, scheduling and time management, and building positive community. During our time together we enjoyed several rounds of bingo which served as a self care midweek activity. 



Join us in prayer at all times but also collectively on zoom each month. We meet for prayer at 2:00pm on the second Monday of each month. Please contact Beth Mooney by email at if you are interested in joining us for prayer. A reminder along with the zoom link and prayer requests with be sent on the Friday before we pray on Monday.

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