Oh, Give Thanks

This season begins the time of year that all children love. With time off from school, memories with families, and receiving presents, it is easy for our preschoolers and all children to forget the true meaning of the holidays. We teach our preschoolers to give thanks every single day. For the Lord blesses them every second of the day. However, this Thanksgiving season, we wanted them to see that the Thanksgiving season is just like any other day. There is plenty to give God praise for, nothing is too small! So, this holiday season, we continue to give God thanks for our wonderful preschoolers, their amazing parents, and our entire Foundations family! Happy Holidays! 

"Let us come to him with thanksgiving. Let's sing songs to him, because the Lord is the great God, the great King over all gods,"

-Psalms 95:2-3


This year our students and families served the community of Fairfield through a food drive. Our preschoolers were so excited to know that their food contributions were going to people in need for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We collected an abundance of food that we hope filled bellies and warmed hearts this season.


Special Thanks!

We are extremely grateful for our friends from Westminster School at Oak Mountain's 9th grade class for coming to serve at our school. They were an incredible group of young people who were excited to play and do crafts with our students. They also helped around the office and school during their time with us.Thank you friends! You are always welcomed at Foundations.

We also want to thank everyone that participated in Giving Tuesday this year! Every prayer, dollar, share, and thought is greatly appreciated.

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